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1-on-1  Mentoring
With  Me

a road;
which we’ll design from A to Z.
a map;
which will guide your walk.
a journey;
which you’ll never walk alone.


• TheRoadAndItsMap •

Both giving you the fish and teaching to fish.


Having your brand built by me through remote connection while learning how to do it with all key aspects.


Always 1-on-1 with complete outstanding technical and mental support.


Continuous brainstorming together with you.

▼ Content Headlines ▼

Much more details on every single parameter belove:
*** Each item on this list will be taught with every important details both through logical and technical perspective. ***


1- Etsy

  • What is Etsy?
  • What can I sell on Etsy?
  • Major Assets of having an Etsy business
  • Quick Summary of an Etsy shop from A to Z
  • Steps before building an Etsy shop
  • Step by Step complete Building Guide for an Etsy shop
  • Recieving Payments and Making Payments
  • Policies of an Etsy shop
  • Shipping Strategies & Upgrade Settings
  • Logic of Pricing Strategies
  • Mastering the ETSY SEO Algorithm
  • All the Parameters of ETSY SEO
  • SEO Parameters Weight Chart
  • Using Marmalead Search for Keywords
  • Creating your own Keyword List
  • Creating Listings A to Z
  • Creating Titles
  • Creating Tags
  • Choosing appropriate Etsy Category for listings
  • Adding Attributes
  • Adding Materials
  • Writing Descriptions
  • Shop Updates
  • Etsy Ads
  • Etsy OffSite Ads
  • Depth Analysis of Statistics
  • Activating & Tracking Google Analytics
  • Professional Photography Tips for Listings
  • Etsy Forums
  • Customer Relations
  • Following Trends
  • Sales, Discounts, Coupons Strategies
  • Having a business Website
  • Driving Traffic from External Sources
  • Idea of opening a Secondary Etsy Shop
  • Idea of having a New Product Range
  • Passive Income Ideas
  • Stimulating Stats about Etsy


2- Marmalead

  • What is Marmalead?
  • Mastering Marmalead Search
  • Heavy Tricks to get the Most
  • Differences with Etsy Search
  • Understanding & Reading search results
  • Making Use of Suggestions
  • Storming feature
  • Comparison feature
  • Tracking feature
  • My Lists feature
  • My Listings feature


3- Pinterest

  • Understanding the logic of Social Media
  • Understanding the logic of Pinterest
  • Mastering Pinterest SEO
  • Pinterest Settings
  • How to use Pinterest as an ordinary User
  • Pinterest Boards
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Pinterest Topics
  • Logic behind Creating Board Variations
  • User & Board & Pin descriptions
  • Pinterest Quality Score
  • How to bring traffic to your ETSY shop
  • Pinterest Business
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Pinterest Analytics & Stats


4- Websites

  • Should I have my own website? (technical: benefits, costs, running costs, workload)
  • Should I have my own website? (logic)
  • How can I build/have my own website? (technical)
  • Which base platform to have/build my website on?
  • How to use my website to get more traffic and make more sales


5- Advertising

  • Should I promote my brand? (logic)
  • Where to advertise? (logic)
  • How to advertise? (logic)
  • How much should I spend on ads? (logic)


6- Photography

  • Hidden Effects of Photography on ETSY SEO
  • Basics of Photography
  • Photo Types & Styles for Etsy
  • Aspect Ratios that fit best
  • Gear needed for Etsy Photography
  • Using Mobile Phones for Photography
  • Taking eye-catching Photos for Etsy Listings
  • Software needed to Edit the photos
  • Editing Photos according to Etsy Listings
  • Color and Light Management
  • Choosing the correct photo as the Thumbnail
  • Order for Uploading Photos to Listings
  • Naming JPEG Files according to SEO Algorithm
  • Defining a Color Palette for your brand
  • Creating a Photography Concept for your brand
  • Archieving Methods to avoid mess

and more…

▼ Tips & Reminders ▼

* Please install Anydesk on your PC/Mac (www.anydesk.com). This is the software which I’ll connect to your PC/Mac via.
* Be sure to have a stabile internet connection.
* Headphones is not a must but it helps a lot for quality voice calls.
* A silent room will make the sessions more efficient.
* Please make ready your TRAIMings Planner (provided as a digital file with your purchase, will be e-mailed to you), a pencil and a blankbook. We’ll have some homeworks.
* Remembering your e-mail and Etsy passwords will save a lot of time. Experience. Most people never remember them and they can’t login during connection unless their passwords are already saved within their web browser. No, you’ll not tell your passwords to me neither to someone else.
* Relax, be patient and smile. We are not bonded to this course with strict rules. This is a journey and we should enjoy it while studying.
* Your success is an indication of my success. My desire is that you be successful. I have worked with my full mind, creativity and spirit to create a one of a kind experience for you.

▼ Terms & Details ▼

* Fill “Ask For Mentoring” form to get free 30-mins interview: We should know each other and you must have answers for all the questions in your mind about mentoring.
* You won’t find “this study is X hours, Y minutes, Z connections and bye” kind articles here. Mentoring with me is not a strictly signed contract so I don’t have edgy rules: This is friendship, we’ll design your road and its map, and I’ll walk with you from the beginning to the end but after some time, we must bring it to an end, right? “End” means, you are completely ready with the content of this all-in-one study which is being explanied under “Content” section of this page. I expect this process to take about a month, including multiple remote connections per week, important homeworks and countless typed chats. Once done, you’ll still be able to contact me for some simple questions/help requests for free; we can’t cut connection instantly because I’ll track your shop stats, ads stats and everything about the growth of both your shop and your knowledge and I will forward you, correct you when needed. We’ll together decide when is “enough” and then for further help you’ll need to buy emergency help packages for extra help. Don’t worry, you won’t need them.
* Each remote connection date and time will be decided at the end of previous connection. If I miss the next, you’ll be rewarded with extra-time. If you miss the next, I will alone decide to the date and time of the following session. If we both miss the next, come on it is funny : )
* We are both responsible to provide the technical points mentioned in “Tips & Reminders” section of this page, e.g. stabile internet connection.
* We are both responsible to do homeworks which I’ll assign both to you and to myself for the following session.
* Joining to sessions without completing homeworks or without providing technical necessities or missing sessions may cause the sessions to be postponed. Postponed sessions cause loss in concentration. Making a habit of one or more of these causes loss in motivation. If such issues happen and if I am the reason for all these, I’ll be ready to refund you partially or full. If you are the reason then I can not guarantee you a succesful shop. Remember, I guarantee a succesful shop.
* It is my responsibility to answer your text messages during study period, I’ll definitely do my best to provide immediate responses to your messages (sent through preferred communication channel) but I can’t guarantee that I can do it super fast each time. Still, you’ll always get responses, sooner or later, no exception.
* Clicking to “Ask” button after filling the “Ask For Mentoring Form” inside this page will be a start to a journey. Wait for me to contact you through your preferred communication channel you stated within the form to get your 30-mins free interview. If you are okay with all, then you should make the payment via the link I’ll send to you; will be withing my website.
* You’ll recieve an e-mail, TRAIMings planner attached; some stupid witty offerings to set the tone for the course. We will have fun.
* You can choose to pay the fee in 2 installments with no extra cost. Message me and I’ll prepare custom links for that.
* Cancellations will be accepted up to first course. After which the fee can not be refunded.
* I collect your personal information to be able to contact you and to recieve/make payments. I will never use, share or sell your personal information for external purposes. Maximum time period I will keep your information on file is 3 years. For purposes of EU data protection law, I, Ercan Küçükaslan, am the data controller of your personal information. If you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact me via my social accounts which are linked at footer section of traimings.com but it is best to contact me on my business e-mails; ercan@traimings.com or traimings@gmail.com .
* By joining this class, you agree to terms.

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