e r c a n  k ü ç ü k a s l a n

I am an oceangoing marine chief engineer. After spending many years on commercial ships, I decided to sell prints of the photographs I had made during my time at sea.


I had knowledge of the Etsy platform from its inception. In 2013, I designed and created an innovative platform similar to Etsy, but with some unique aspects that were an improvement of the Etsy design. After six months, I succeeded in working out the details of software construction and operational strategies. But after much thought and examination of my time management, I decided to postpone the enterprise and create an Etsy shop.


Shortly after beginning to build my shop, I found a need to learn about Etsy’s inner algorithms in order to optimize my listings. I applied my analytical mind, honed by my years as an engineer and lifetime of explorative study, in the pursuit of optimizing my shop and the shops of friends, in order to test my methods. I have a naturally inquisitive mind that drives me to understand the ways in which the internet has influenced and changed peoples’ buying habits, including e-commerce and social media platforms. As a student of human interaction, a unique microcosm of philosophy, sociology, and spirituality, I have a deep insight into the psychology of non-cyber commerce.


I have drawn from these diverse skills to create my method of lecturing, a method built on the foundation of interpersonal connections. My passions are to teach. And learn. And to, with every idea shared and received, strengthen my connection with every living thing, which gives birth to love, the one great universal good.


It would bring me great joy to walk with you as a mentor, not just in the creation of your strong and thriving Etsy based business, but to build in you, confidence and inspiration.


Sincerely, your mentor and fellow traveler,


A s k  F o r