Photography for Etsy

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a Photography for ETSY
Group Class is

a perspective;
to design your road and to draw its map.
a promise;
to grow your business.
an opportunity;
to learn the secrets of successful strategies in a single course with a reasonable price.
an environment;
to meet local sellers and to learn from each other’s experiences.
a workshop;
to brainstorm collaboratively.
a modification;
to boost your social media.
a guide;
to teach you how to manage your time.
a first hand experience;
to list a product with perfect SEO parameters.
a chance;
to have some of your products professionally photographed.
a way;
to start.
a weekend away;
to learn, to laugh, to connect.

▼ Content Headlines▼

*** Each item on this list will be taught both through logical and technical perspective. ***

  • Hidden Effects of Photography on ETSY SEO
  • Basics of Photography
  • Photo Types & Styles for Etsy
  • Aspect Ratios that fit best
  • Gear needed for Etsy Photography
  • Using Mobile Phones for Photography
  • Taking eye-catching Photos for Etsy Listings
  • Software needed to Edit the photos
  • Editing Photos according to Etsy Listings
  • Color and Light Management
  • Choosing the correct photo as the Thumbnail
  • Order for Uploading Photos to Listings
  • Naming JPEG Files according to SEO Algorithm
  • Defining a Color Palette for your brand
  • Creating a Photography Concept for your brand
  • Archieving Methods to avoid mess

and more…

▼ Tips & Reminders ▼

* Please bring a few products, as we will together take photos of selected products during the class as a brainstorming and also we will practice editing them.
* Please bring your camera and interchangeable camera objectives if available.
* Please bring charging device of your mobile phone and of your camera.
* Please bring your TRAIMings Planner (provided as a digital file with your purchase, will be e-mailed to you), a pencil and a blankbook.
* After the course, flight times permitting, it would be my pleasure to spend some time with you over coffee and drinks enjoying conversation and answering your questions in a relaxed setting.
* Your success is an indication of my success. My desire is that you be successful. I have worked with my full mind, creativity and spirit to create a one of a kind experience for you.

▼ Terms & Details ▼

* The class will start at and will end at We will break for lunch at and resume at Short breaks will be interspersed through the course. 6 hours will be spent in study.
* The venue will be announced 4-7 days before the course.
* Please arrive 20 mins before the class for introductions. We will begin the course promptly at
* Purchasing any TRAIMings class will give you the privilege of:
a) Becoming a Returning Participant who gets discounts for all classes,
b) Free 30 minutes 1-on-1 emergency support,
c) Discount on 1-on-1 mentoring as much as the cost of this class.
* Your registration to the class will be completed right after your payment is recieved. Please keep in mind that you have to select the appropriate type at the bottom of the related event page; as “Regular” for new participants, “Returning” for returning participiants, “Student” for students, “Disabled” for disabled guests. My all classes are free for disabled people (limited to 2 participiants for each class) but you’ll still need to complete the cart and checkout processes to be registered.
* You’ll recieve an e-mail, TRAIMings planner attached; some stupid witty offerings to set the tone for the course. We will have fun.
* Cancellations will be accepted up to 5 days before the date of the course; you will get an immediate full refund. After which the fee can not be refunded.
* No audio/video recording will be allowed during class.
* I collect your personal information to be able to organize classes, to contact you and to recieve/make payments. I will never use, share, or sell your personal information for external purposes. Maximum time period I will keep your information on file is 3 years. For purposes of EU data protection law, I, Ercan Küçükaslan, am the data controller of your personal information. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact me via my social accounts which are linked at footer section of but it is best to contact me on my business e-mails; or .
* By joining this class, you agree to terms.

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