What Is “Buyers Are Raving” Badge in ETSY?

What Is “Buyers Are Raving” Badge in ETSY?

What is the new “Buyers Are Raving” Badge which seen at the top of some Etsy shops? How can I get that badge?


   How the badge is seen on an Etsy shop.


Lately, Etsy has been announcing so many new features and badges. “Buyers Are Raving! This shop got multiple 5-star reviews in the past 7 days.” is one of them.

This new BADGE is for the shops which recieve more than one 5-star review within the last 7 days.
If your shop qualifies for this, you should see the “BUYERS ARE RAVING” badge on top of your main page.
It is somewhere between your “Shop Profile Photo” and the “Shop Owner Profile Photo”.
Sure this is a good move by ETSY but few buyers are visiting main pages of the shops so it’d be better for this badge to shine somewhere more in sight.

How can I get “Buyers Are Raving” Badge?

To be able to earn this flag, your Etsy shop must recieve at least 2 pieces 5-star ratings during the latest week.


TIP: Keep in mind that, recieving good reviews is important but recieving them frequently is a boost for your Etsy shop. So if you have a customer who you are in good relations with and if she/he is planning to buy several of an item from your shop currently, why not to ask her/him to purchase them one-by-one so she/he can leave multiple 5-star reviews to your shop. Remember, selling 6 pcs of the same item in once won’t make her/him eligible to leave 6 comments. She/he should buy them seperately.

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